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Find the perfect thing for the picky pedantic persnickety knowledgeable gamer in your life.

Themed Gaming PCs

Nerd out with one of these artisan PC builds, custom made by our PC builders to handle all the latest games.

PCs From Top Rated Builders

These are just a few of Jawa's boutique gaming PC builders. Make them an offer on one of their builds for sale! 

Gaming Workstations



JTB Computers

Gifts for Young Gamers

Looking for kids gaming gifts? Check out these gaming computers, gaming tablets, bundles, and more.

Mechanical Keyboards

These make great presents for gamers (or anyone who is obsessed with finding the best keyboard switches!)

Gifts for Minecraft Obsessed Gamers

Find a minecraft computer that can handle any edition of the game — and a great monitor to go with it.

Stocking Stuffers

Need some smaller gaming ideas for Christmas? These stocking stuffers pack a big punch.

Gifts for Gamer Girls

Grab something for the girl gamer in your life! Check out these options like rgb custom PCs and peripherals.

Gifts for Gamers On-The-Go

Wondering where to buy a gaming laptop this holiday season? Check out these options for any budget!

Jawa Merch

Already part of Jawa's community of gamers and PC builders? Grab some merch!

Gifts for PC Builders

Want to help a gamer build a pc? Check out these powerful GPU, CPU, and cooler options!

Gifts for Gamers Who Love Call of Duty

Call of Duty gift ideas for the obsessive in your life (Hint: they've been playing Warzone 2.0 non-stop since its release).

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PCs From Top Rated Builders

These are just a few of Jawa's boutique gaming PC builders. Make an offer on one of their fully assembled pcs!

 JTB Computers 



 Gaming Workstations 

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Gift Guide from Gaming Hardware YouTubers

 Nerd On A Budget 

"The gift of a first PC can be the gateway to a lifelong hobby for your loved ones. Whether you have less or more to spend, here are some great PCs I found across a wide range of price points!"

 Zach's Tech Turf 

"Shopping for gamer gifts on Jawa is super easy because of the wide selection of products available. Being able to buy a Warzone 2.0 ready gaming PC, a complete VR headset, custom GPU backplates, and even peripherals all in one spot is as clutch as it gets."


"Holiday season is a great time for new endeavors, like starting that Twitch profile or YouTube channel you’ve been putting off. You don’t need fancy equipment to do so, here are some options to get your started without paying top dollar."